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Data privacy

In itself, Material for MkDocs does not perform any tracking and should adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but it integrates with some third-party services that may not.

Third-party services

Google Fonts

Material for MkDocs makes fonts easily configurable by relying on Google Fonts CDN. Embedding fonts from Google is currently within a gray area as there's no official statement or ruling regarding GDPR compliance and the topic is still actively discussed. If you need to ensure GDPR compliance, you may disable the usage of the Google Font CDN with:

  font: false

When Google Fonts are disabled, Material for MkDocs will default to Helvetica Neue and Monaco with their corresponding fall backs, relying on system fonts. You can easily include your own, self-hosted webfont by overriding the fonts block.

Google Analytics and Disqus

Material for MkDocs comes with optional Google Analytics and Disqus integrations, both of which must be enabled explicitly.